Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kavacare? Where can I get Kavacare homecare service? How much is the cost of Kavacare services? Find the answers to your questions here!

Kavacare was born out of our passion to provide high quality support and care to enable people to stay in their own homes according to the lifestyle of their choice. Founded by a team that has experience in Indonesia and abroad in hospital and community services.

Our commitment to our customers' needs, including respecting their wishes and choices about how they wish to receive care and support is our priority. We will always look at the person as a whole and what is important to them in their life, not just their care.

Questions about Kavacare Homecare Services

What is kavacare?

Kavacare is a care service who strive to enable everyone to experience the best quality of life at home.

In the spirit of the origin of the word Kava, Kavanah, our drive is based on a holistic intention and devotion both emotional and intellectual. Accordingly, Kavacare provides a wide range of services, from rehabilitation therapy to assisting you and your loved ones with daily activities.

How do I get Kavacare services?

The Kavacare Case Manager, together with you, will determine appropriate goals that suit your needs.

In accordance with the principle of transparency, you will get the estimated costs needed from the start. With your approval and confirmation, the well suited Care Pro team will be selected for you and Kavacare services can be started immediately.

Please  contact us via Whatsapp Support Kavacare number 0811-1446-777 to start using Kavacare services

What if I am not satisfied with Kavacare's service?

The entire Kavacare team (Care Pro Team, Management Team, Medical Quality Team and IT and support team) intends to give the best services according to our slogan "Helping hands, be better together".

Each service will be registered in the care log so that continuity of care can be maintained. We are happy to receive criticisms, suggestions, and compliments from each of our clients so that Kavacare can keep providing the best for the quality of life at home for many people and continue to grow as a leading network and a trusted partner for

Questions About Career in Kavacare

How to become part of the Care Pro Team?

The Kavacare Care Pro team genuinely serves from the heart and keep developing its capabilities.

If you see this when you see yourself in the mirror every morning, you are the right candidate for Kavacare Care Pro. Leave your information on the careers page, and who knows that the next is the start of your journey on giving a positive and a meaningful impact on the lives of many clients.

Is there other job opportunity in Kavacare?

Apart from being a Care Pro, if you want to be part of the Kavacare Team and use your outstanding talent and contribute to provide the best health care services (at home), connect with us and please submit your resume and motivation of why you want to join the Kavacare family.

Can I still become a Care Pro when I have already retire?

All Kavacare Care Pro must have the spirit of serving from their heart, emotionally and intellectually. Kavacare believes that age is not the main factor that can stop every extraordinary and passionate person from working. If you are a retired nurse, midwife, doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist, and so on, but still able to work and have good competence, please contact us.

If you are experienced caregiver or have experience in service industry such as hospitality, nursing homes, homecare and the like, don't hesitate to contact us.

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