Home Personal Care

We will work together with you and healthcare providers to develop a personalized Care Plan based on health status, care requirements, additional preferences and matching the best care providers

Our Homecare Services

Home Personal Care

Kavacare Home Personal Care is a homecare services that provide assistance in daily activities (eating, drinking, dressing, transfer and mobility, toilet), elderly care, respite care, medical escort.

Accompanying our loved ones who need support in their daily activities or in their healing process is our dedication. However, dilemmas often arise when other responsibilities such as deadlines at work require special attention or a business trip is needed.

Even though our loved ones can independently do their activities, worries develop when we have to leave them alone at home, especially for a long period of time.

Kavacare avails you to have a peace of mind by providing homecare services for your loved ones.

Our Homecare Services

Home Nursing

Home nursing: start from medication administration, wound care, IV drip (including vitamins injection etc.), stoma care, medication administration, to tube care/replacement and catheter.

Being at home, surrounded by our loved ones and environment we know help us to heal faster. Although hospitalization is not necessary, sometimes we still need certain nursing care. Experienced Kavacare Care Pros are willingly to assist you at home.

Our Homecare Services

Home Rehabilitation

Kavacare Home Rehabilitation services include: Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and swallowing therapy.

Recovery after surgical procedures or post-hospital treatment due to certain illness such as stroke or COVID-19, requires a long-term process. The body also needs time and requires optimal therapy so that it can function again (close to) as before.

The Kavacare Care Pro team understands this, and together with you specifies a realistic goal and plans a conforming homecare therapy.

Our Homecare Services

Home Medical

Homecare medical services of Kavacare includes doctor visits, medical check-ups, simple surgical procedures, ambulance, medical equipment/equipment rental.

A convenient way to get a medical aid when going to hospital is the least option or difficult to do. Furthermore, sometimes knowing the home situation by home visit can provide a better insight to understand you and to plan a better therapy course. If necessary, Kavacare helps you to have any appropriate medical equipment at home. Nevertheless, when you need to be transfer to hospital, our doctors can assist you to get ambulance service to the best hospital nearby.

Our Homecare Services


Technology makes it easier for you to communicate with medical personnel. Discussions and consultations are no longer common online, especially for things that do not require physical presence. Therefore, you can easily connect with us through online consultation services.

Our Homecare Services


Caring for an ailing family can be eased by our drug and prescription delivery services. Your medication or care needs can be delivered to your doorstep.