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Doctor visits, medical check-ups, simple surgical procedures, ambulance

Home medical: doctor visits, medical check-ups, simple surgical procedures, ambulance, medical equipment/equipment rental.

A convenient way to get a medical aid when going to hospital is the least option or difficult to do. Furthermore, sometimes knowing the home situation by home visit can provide a better insight to understand you and to plan a better therapy course. If necessary, Kavacare helps you to have any appropriate medical equipment at home. Nevertheless, when you need to be transfer to hospital, our doctors can assist you to get ambulance service to the best hospital nearby.

Visiting a general practitioner and specialist

Mr. O, 80 years old, has been treated at home for several years because some of his organ functions have deteriorated. He regularly takes medications prescribed by his doctor to anticipate complications of the disease that can arise from the decline in organ function. Every day he spends most of his time lying down and watching television.

To walk, Mr. O needs a four-legged walking aid. Without the walker, he will not be able to walk if he is not supported by someone. One day, Mr. O had a fever and had to stay in bed. When he was about to urinate, he got up from the bed and wanted to walk using the walker. But he lost his balance and fell down. As a result, he was unable to get up and it seemed like he had a hip fracture.

Mr. O's family were hesitated about taking him to the hospital because he looked weak and in pain. If he was brought to hospital using family car or ambulance, his family worried that his condition would get worse.

In this case, Mr. O's family can reach the Kavacare team to request a visit from general practitioner or specialist to check his condition at home. Elderly people with fractured bones and a history of declined organ function should not do many activities. Kavacare GPs and specialists will bring the medical team and equipment needed to treat Mr. O, so the family doesn't have to worry anymore.

Simple surgery, like suturing a small wound

Mrs. C, 65 years old, is a spinal cord injury patient who has to use a wheelchair everywhere. However, she is still active and doing what she still can do. Among other things, she keeps doing her cooking hobby. Almost every day she cooks for all family members which consists of her husband and two daughters.

One morning, as usual, she was preparing food for the family. But unexpectedly she cut her finger. The wound from the accident was only minor, but the bleeding did not stop. The blood kept flowing every time it was wiped off, even if it wasn't heavy.

So, her family determined that Mrs. C needed a medical examination. Her wounds may need sutures and her family worried if it got infected. But it was difficult for Mrs. C to access the hospital because he had to use wheelchair. Moreover, her elderly husband could no longer carry her into the car.

Kavacare can send medical staff to perform examination and simple surgeries, such as suturing Mrs. C's wound. Kavacare's medical staff will come with supportive equipment based on the patient's condition as pointed by the family. Mrs. C's family will also receive first aid instructions for her while awaiting the arrival of medical staff from Kavacare.

Medical equipment and tools rental

Mr. K, 78 years old, suffers from heart disease and lung complications. He had to undergo bed rest and was supported by various medical devices to survive. After being treated in the hospital for a few days, his family decided to continue his treatment at home.

However, his family found obstacles because there were no medical tools and equipment needed by Mr. K at home. The cost was too high if they decided to buy the equipment and it was only used temporarily during the treatment. In addition, the family did not understand the intricacies of the medical equipment, including its use and maintenance.

Kavacare offers medical equipment and tools rental service to be used by Mr. K's family at home. Kavacare provides the equipment in accordance with hospital standards and the needs of the patient. In this service, the Kavacare team will also explain how to use the equipment and provide technicians from the supplier to help in case of any problem with the equipment.

The use of medical equipment that meet the hospital standards and quality will help patients' recovery during home treatment. Mr. K's family will be comfortable taking care of him at home if they use Kavacare equipment as the Kavacare team always consults with the hospital to comply with the needs of the patients.

Help with booking an ambulance


Mrs. Y, 64 years old, suffers from osteoarthritis, which makes it difficult for her to walk. She lives at home alone with her ailing 65 years old husband. One of her already married children lives near Mrs. Y's home. Sometimes her children come to visit with her daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Mrs. Y can continue doing her activities and taking care of the household even with restricted mobility. Her husband is also able to do simple household chores.

Mrs. Y once fell while walking and injured her knee because she lost her balance. Her husband couldn’t do much to help her stand up and treat her injury. When he called his son, who lives nearby, there was no immediate response. Her son didn't reply until a few minutes later. He said he was at work and couldn't come home straight away. His daughter-in-law was no different.

In the event of such an incident, Mrs. Y's husband or children can contact Kavacare to arrange for an ambulance to take Mrs. Y to the hospital. Kavacare has a network connection to hospitals providing 24/7 ambulances and while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the Kavacare team can also provide advice on how to treat Mrs. Y's injuries.

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