Medicine Delivery

Your medication or care needs can be delivered to your doorstep.

Caring for an ailing family can be eased by our drug and prescription delivery services. Your medication or care needs can be delivered to your doorstep.

Medication delivery

Mr. A, 70, ended up in hospital due to a stroke. He took various medications for hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes and to prevent recurrent stroke. When he returned home from the hospital, he received additional oral antibiotics and prostate medication. He also received vitamin D and other multivitamins to strengthen his immune system.

Mr. A was accompanied by his son when he returned home from the hospital. When they were about to take the medicine, the line in the hospital pharmacy was quite long. Whereas Mr. A had to go home immediately to rest because the stroke partially paralyzed him. In the meantime, his son had to return to the office for work because there was a project that required him to be present.

The Kavacare team can provide a solution by delivering the medicine needed by Mr. A at home. Mr. A's family doesn't have to wait for the medicine to be ready at the pharmacy once Kavacare team gets the detail of the prescription. Kavacare’s medication delivery team will deliver the medicine to Mr. A in no time.

Thus, Mr. A can take a rest as soon as possible after returning from the hospital. Mr. A's son, who has urgent matters in the office, can ease up his mind because his father will surely receive the medication needed for his recovery.

Checking polypharmaceutical and medications interactions



Mr. A, 75 years old, has been receiving treatment for several years for a massive stroke that befell him. His health should be constantly monitored to anticipate a sudden deterioration in his condition. As a result of the stroke, he can no longer carry out daily activities without the help of the others. He also gets stroke complications that forces him to take various medications to relieve his symptoms and prevent his condition from getting worse.

During an examination at the hospital, Mr. A is given additional medications, antibiotics and multivitamins from a doctor. But he and his family don’t have time to get the medicine at the hospital. The family is also unfamiliar with the use of the medications and their side effects, including when they are taken at the same time with other medications.

For this purpose, Mr. A’s family can get hold of the Kavacare team. In addition to the ability to collect and deliver medications to patients at home, Kavacare has a polypharmaceutical and medications interactions check service. This close monitoring is important to ensure the medications are still effective and there are no adverse effects from the use of different medications on the patient.

Qualified Kavacare pharmaceutical staff will give information about the medications check results to the family. If there are findings about unsafe drug combinations, Kavacare will convey an explanation and recommend the next steps for patient safety.

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