Technology makes it easier for you to communicate with medical personnel. Discussions and consultations are no longer common online, especially for things that do not require physical presence. Therefore, you can easily connect with us through online consultation services.

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Mr. W, 40 years old, is a husband and father of a child who just had a kidney stone surgery. To drain urine from the kidneys into the bladder, the urologist who performed the surgery inserted a double J-stent. This stent will be removed one month after the surgery. The surgeon has notified Mr. W and his family about it.

However, when he gets home, he complains about some pain he feels on his left lower abdomen, behind the waist, down to his groin. Every time he urinates, his urine is blood red. Mr. W has difficulties at work because he has to endure the pain.

He also cannot assist his wife managing the household, including taking his child to school. Mr. W's wife is confused because her husband keeps complaining about his illness. She is worried about her husband's condition. Moreover, the household chores are overwhelming, and she still has to work.

Mr. W's wife can access the chat service provided by Kavacare with Care Pro to ask questions about her husband’s complaints. Kavacare's Care Pro will answer the questions by first asking a detailed explanation of Mr. W's medical history. In addition to the answers, Care Pro may suggest actions needed to overcome the discomfort, such as administering pain relievers until the double J-stent is removed as instructed by the urologist.

Video calling with Care Pro


A, 7 years old, is the first son of Mr. B and Mrs. C. A has a 3 year old younger sister. One morning, red spots appeared on his skin that caused itching. He also had a fever with coughing and watery eyes. His parents panicked because this was the first time their child had experienced such an illness. Moreover, A looked weak and felt dizzy so he couldn't go to school.

After bathing and eating breakfast, A was given a fever-reducing medication and cold powder. But his condition did not improve. Mr. B had already left for work, so it was only Mrs. C who accompanied A at home. Mrs. C wanted to take A to the hospital, but she was hesitant because she had to take care of A's younger sister.

As a workaround, Mrs. C can reach the Kavacare team to obtain telemedicine services or medical services remotely. Mrs. C can make a video call with Care Pro who works with Kavacare. A, among others, will be asked to stick out his tongue, open up his eyes, show the rash on his skin, and explain the symptoms he feels.

From the observations and information regarding the patient's medical history submitted by his parents, Care Pro is able to provide some advice on the necessary medical actions, including prescribing medicines. Without the need to go to the hospital, A can be examined and gets the medicine he needs. Meanwhile, Mrs. C can take care of her son without leaving her daughter behind and Mr. B can work without worries.

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