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Kavacare wants to work with all outstanding Care Pros to provide services that are meaningful and have a positive impact on the lives of many individuals.

Career at KavaCare

We are looking for the outstanding Care Providers (Care Pros):
You should have good expertise in your fields and are willing to continue to practice and develop. Our Care Pro are providing the best service with full heart and dedication according to the PRIMA philosophy (Professional, Neat, Worship, Listening and Assertive). The Care Pros we are looking for, are willing to work with the Kavacare team providing a comfortable and independent life for individuals through the best healthcare services as to our loved ones.

Kavacare Caregivers
Have the passion to assist/support individuals’ daily activities so that they can live optimally and comfortably at home.

Kavacare Nurses
Skilled and communicative nurses that deliver a premium service with consistency and person centered

Kavacare Therapists
Have good communication skills so that they can support the recovery and rehabilitation process (including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech/swallowing therapy) for individuals to regain their independence at home.

Kavacare Doctors
General practitioners and specialists with good intellectual and communication skills that are passionate in serving individuals according to their needs in a professional manner.

Why join us

Kavacare wants to work with all outstanding Care Pros to provide services that are meaningful and have a positive impact on the lives of many individuals.
We provide working flexibility for Kavacare Care Pros to practice their passion according to Kavacare standards.

As Kavacare strive for excellent, all our Care Pros can develop their professionalism through continuous training (hard skills and soft skills).
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Our team spirit is ‘Helping hands, be better together’.


Adding Value

There are increasing population aged 60 years and over as well increasing complexity of illness jeopardize the quality of life. We are focusing (but not limited) to help post hospitalized elderly with stroke and chronic care through continuity of high quality and affordable care.



We will work together with you and healthcare providers to develop a personalized Care Plan based on health status, care requirements, additional preferences and matching the best care providers (carefully selected and trained).

Who is in the team

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Care Pro Team

We will assist you according to the care plan you need and prefer to be optimally independent and comfortable at home.
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Management Team

We are always ready to help you through any issues that you or your loved ones encounter and guide you through the process from finding a matching Care Pro to managing a treatment plan.
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Medical Quality Team

We do the screening, recruitment, training, and evaluation of all of our Care Pros and also provide care consultation to ensure that you and/or your loved ones receive the best service.
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IT and Support Team

We aim to develop flawless service management system that allows Care Pros to work efficiently and provide the best quality of care.

Make Home Care Personal To Your Loved One

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