Medical Check-Up Holiday: Why and How?

Medical Check-Up Holiday: Why and How?


Spending the long holiday by travelling overseas are quite a common practice. Families often go together to visit tourist destinations of their interest. But nowadays, going abroad visiting a hospital for medical purposes is gaining popularity. Patients can perform medical check-up or certain procedures available at the hospital while vacationing abroad. 

This is actually more time and cost efficient. By combining holiday time and medical appointments, it can surely save valuable time and travelling expenses. The medical procedures usually do not take a long time and the patients can continue their holiday afterwards. Family members also can easily accompany. 

Why Plan Medical Check-up Holiday?

For Indonesians, medical tourism is not new. Medical check-up is common in the neighboring countries of Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand it is nearby and not very expensive compared to local private hospitals.   

There are many supporting factors for medical tourism. Overseas medical service is often perceived by many patients as better and more thorough. Another factor is that some examinations or medical therapies are only available at certain centers abroad. Patients can also avoid longer waiting time for certain procedures by doing it at a foreign hospital.  

The Important Role of Medical Assistance

The hampering factors included finding the right country destination, choosing a suitable hospital, making doctor’s appointment, also arranging transportation and accommodation. Having a liaison officer will make things much easier because the staff helps with many administrative matters. Oftentimes the family find doctor’s recommendations or seek advices from other family members or friends who had previous experiences. The satisfaction level is one of the benchmarks in finding the right destination. 

The family now can contact Kavacare for assistance because Kavacare has medical assistance with direct access to the hospitals in neighboring countries. They can find the most suitable doctor or arrange for medical examinations. A consultation is needed prior to the overseas trip.

Plan your medical check-up holiday trip with Kavacare x LinkSehat. Contact our medical assistance by Whatsapp on  0857 8000 8707 and get a free consultation.


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