Tips for Taking Toddlers on Vacation

Tips for Taking Toddlers on Vacation


Holiday season is just around the corner. Parents are usually already busy with preparaion for a family holiday whether it is out of town or overseas. However, going on a trip with children especially toddlers, can be quite challenging. Many preparations are needed to stay healthy during the trip to ensure a fun and comfortable holiday.

Toddlers are an age group that are vulnerable to diseases. Therefore, parents need to make sure the children are in good health prior and during the trip. Here are some of the diseases that might be encountered by the family:

1. Nausea and Vomiting

Sometimes if the trip is long, children find it hard to rest or have disrupted mealtimes. Some of the symptoms found are headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. To anticipate this, the parents must plan the trip as careful as possible to avoid overtiring the children. Choose a relatively shorter trip and make sure the children can rest well. Bring along the child’s favorite food and wear comfortable clothing. 

2. Common Cold

Due to the weather changes, children often catch a cold. If the family chooses public transportation such as train, bus, or airplane, the children will meet many people and can catch diseases from others. We must keep in mind that in public transports, usually the air circulation is not very good and can make germs easier to transfer to other people. During the pandemic, being cautious about COVID-19 transmission is also important when sharing transportation with others. 

3. Diarrhea

Diarrhea in children is common especially during holiday trips because the food consumed is usually different from at home. Different as in taste, maybe too spicy, too sour, or maybe also not very hygienic. Avoid food that are undercooked like seafood, raw meat, raw vegetables, and unpasteurized milk. Children must wash hands often and do not shop at street food vendors.  Parents must always monitor if the child has diarrhea due to the possibility of dehydration. Always prepare medicine in the bag and consume enough fluid.

4. Allergy

This is the main concern especially in children with food allergy. During the trip, the child might consume new food. When visiting somewhere cold like the mountains, children can have allergy symptoms, too. Prepare antiallergy medications prescribed the doctor. If the child has asthma, it is important to bring an inhaler for emergency purposes. 

Besides preparing for the diseases mentioned, children need to complete their vaccination, consult pediatrician prior to the trip, and have plenty of rest. Happy holiday!


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