Being a Caregiver for a Cancer Patient

Being a Caregiver for a Cancer Patient


Being a caregiver for a cancer patient is not an easy and can be a challenge although the person is a loving family member. Besides being time and energy consuming, caregivers sometimes need to sacrifice many aspects of their own lives to be able to focus. It is definitely difficult to maintain at long term due to its toll on physical and mental health.

A caregiver acts as a friend at home and also assist in eating, dressing, and bathing, depending on the level of patient disease severity. Besides that, being a caregiver for a cancer patient is also responsible for arranging the doctor’s schedule and ensuring the medicines are taken as instructed.

A few things that might change when being a caregiver for a cancer patient are:

  • Not able to do daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, or taking the kids to school.
  • Feel that other people are not sensitive or attentive to the current condition.

To be able to perform as a caregiver for cancer patient with more ease, make sure you have done the followings:

  • Make time for yourself such as relaxing, watching television, or taking a nap.
  • Join a support group whether offline or online and make new friends who can give ideas on how to manage daily activities.
  • Write a journal or diary to calm your mind.
  • Share your feelings to others.
  • Learn more about the disease through doctor information, survivor group, or trusted references.
  • Find new positive activities that can provide happiness and peace of mind.
  • Try to accept the situation wholeheartedly and be grateful that we can serve the person we love each day.
  • Find a trusted medical team and create a strong communication to monitor disease progress and ongoing medical conditions.

Although some days can be difficult, stay optimistic in being a caregiver for a cancer patient. With the right support and great team work, keep trying to give your best effort for the family member everyday.

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