Which Food Causes Acne?

Which Food Causes Acne?


Acne is a common skin problem for teenagers and young adults. Although the main cause is excessive oil, bacteria, and extra proliferation from the follicular cells, nutritional intake or diet has a quite important role, too.

Does Food Causes Acne?

Despite its controversy, the American Academy of Dermatology in 2007 stated that calorie restriction does not have any benefits for acne treatment and there is not enough evidence for some types of food to be the cause of acne. However, many new studies revealed otherwise.

Generally, it is found that diets that are high in sugar and carbs can cause acne. This includes consumption of white rice, white bread, and cakes. Sugar and carbohydrates in this type of food can easily increase the blood sugar and force insulin production to manage the blood sugar hike. This condition affects other hormone production which will increase skin sebum production. 

Which Food Causes Acne?

We will also discuss some other food suspected to be contributing to facial acne.


Eggs contain much progesterone, a hormone that can trigger acne. Because our body produces natural progesterone, consuming extra hormone can disturb the hormone level. Excessive progesterone can cause acne. 

The biotin content in eggs is also believed to be one of the causes. Biotin is actually good for the skin and hair but in large amounts, biotin can stimulate keratin and cause hyperkeratosis as the cause of acne.

Albumin is a type protein produced by the liver. But when consumed externally then it is hard to be processed by the body. Egg whites contain albumin and if not processed then it will block the lymphatic system. It will cause skin inflammation and also blemishes.


According to studies, the cocoa in chocolate does not cause acne but it still suggested to choose dark chocolate with less sugar and milk as better snack for the skin and body. 

Oily Food

There is no correlation found between fried oily food with acne but it is assumed due to oil accumulation on the skin from the frying process.

Although it sounds inconclusive, the relationship between daily diet and acne still is a main point for doctors and nutritionists. We must not forget other factors such as sun exposure, stress, and pollution as main contributors.

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