Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

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Although pregnancy is a major happy event in a family, not all pregnancy is a smooth sail. It definitely brings many physical and mental changes. An expecting mother can feel overwhelmed, alone, or tired. To have a happy and healthy pregnancy, the key is to stay positive, read helpful books, and consult your doctor or family and friends.   

Physical changes are not only about gaining weight but also having other pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, back pain, frequent urination, insomnia, changes in bowel movement, acnes or stretch marks, etc. These complaints can make doing daily tasks such as studying, working, or taking care of the house difficult. 

The mother’s mental state is important because there are many hormonal and mood changes. Some hormones that change during pregnancy are human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), human placental lactogen (hPL), estrogen, dan progesterone. The expecting mother can become sensitive, sometimes feeling angry or sad. 

What can a pregnant mom do to have a happy and healthy pregnancy?

  • Be grateful. First and foremost because pregnancy is a great gift. Some couples are still trying to conceive while some others cannot conceive at all.
  • Accept the changes including physical complaints that might feel like a burden.
  • Prepare yourself by consulting a doctor, midwife, doula or family and read articles or self-help books. 
  • Be active. Continue physical activities after consulting the doctor because mild exercise can improve mood, promote healthy circulation, and can help with bowel movement.
  • Eat healthily in a balanced diet because there are many vitamins and minerals that also stabilizes mood, ensure healthy fetal development, and lessen pregnancy symptoms.  
  • Rest. Sufficient rest is needed because fatigue and lack of sleep can trigger depression.
  • Join an online or offline community of expecting mothers.

Last but not least, family is one of the main supports for expecting mothers. A husband can take his wife out to dinner, buy her favorite food or drink, help out around the house, massage her if she feels tired, or simply listen to her stories.  Meanwhile other family members also can help out and give attention if possible because expecting a baby and having a happy and healthy pregnancy is not solely the mom’s responsibility. A good support system can be very helpful for the mother during pregnancy and delivery.

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