Can Ice Cream Causes Common Cold?

Can Ice Cream Causes Common Cold?

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Is it true that ice cream causes common cold, especially for children?

Children, even adults, love to eat ice cream in various flavors and types. Ice cream is also available from affordable prices. However, many children are prohibited by their parents to eat ice cream especially when they are not feeling well due to fear of it causing common cold or flu. 

Ice cream is a cold type of food. It is assumed to cause common cold in children so best to be avoided. Although the fact varied, many parents still believe that their children got sick after eating ice cream.


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Ice Cream Causes Common Cold or Flu: True or Not?

Actually, common cold or flu is an infectious disease caused by virus, not by certain food.  But in the case of ice cream, a child can catch a cold not because of the ice but from the high sugar content of the ice cream.

When the virus enters the body, it will consume this sugar and becomes more active. Furthermore, dairy products are suspected to cause mucus. This can block the child’s airway during common cold so it is better to be avoided in children with asthma.

However, there still no absolute evidence but probably certain children have sensitivity to dairy products including ice cream, which showed symptoms involving airway blockage.


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Therefore, ice cream for sick children or those with common cold symptoms is surely not wise. But we must also remember that ice cream is basically highly nutritious because of the dairy and calcium contents.

If you want to give ice cream, choose high quality brand and add warm food to increase nutritional value such as dates, raisins, or almonds. Ice cream can also be processed into ice cream pancake, ice cream smoothies, milkshake, etc.

The significant calorie and nutrition in ice cream can be a good source for children. Make sure your children are in good health before taking them out to ice cream treats.

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